Create Your Own Ukulele

This course is about creating Ukulele in steps that are easy to follow

Experience playing your own instrument, handmade by you

I teach using some common hardware tools but avoid using expensive, specialty tools. This course does not leave out any steps. Most items are built using ordinary hand tools, found in every other garage.

This is a great course and the step by step instructions are easy to follow - worth checking out

Thor Heydal


Course Curriculum

About the teacher

Ukulele and guitar maker

Rúnar Sigurðsson

Making courses online is not new for me and I have been teaching online since 2005. I have a degree in Multimedia from the Icelandic school of multimedia and I have a degree in teaching from the University of teaching in Iceland (now a part of Univeristy of Iceland).

The main challenge is to create new courses every other month, but I have lots to choose. I have been a Luthier since 1998 working with all types of stringed instruments including violins, guitars, double basses, electric guitars and basses, ukuleles, classical guitars, electric guitars and many more.

I started my journey to become a Luthier 21 years ago by first learning furniture making in Iceland then in 1996 I moved to Leeds England where I learned classical guitar making and violin repair. In 2005, I became a recognised Master Luthier with a degree from the Master technical school in Iceland and in 2008 I got my degree in teaching where my focus was on making musical instruments.